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August 15, 2012

anniversary week // year four

four years. phew. this one was a rough one for both of us individually, but we made it. and all that hard work is paying off. after a year and a half of living with friends and in living rooms, today, we move into a new place together, just the two of us. it feels right.

2011 is the year we started singing and writing music together and i think that is what pulled us through. this is the year our band, the sparrow and the sky, was formed. 
Shelter From The Storm by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

1. we spent new years in nashville.
2. singing on our porch.
3. at croakerfest.
4. getting tattoos from my brother.
5. a fancy dinner for community support network.
6. dancing in a dive bar.
7. our cover of "the weight" with our friends MAGES and owen on mandolin.
8. we played at a lot of open mics this year.
9. for our anniversary we sang together, it was our first time doing it in front of other people.
10. at brew fest.
11. at the circus.
12. ugly sweater christmas show with DANIEL AND THE LION AND PHOX.

song: "shelter from the storm" by bob dylan.


  1. omg! anniversary retrospective??? amazing, i need to look through all of these when i'm not so sleepy. how unbelievably awesome and romantic.

    1. i know, i don't know what came over me, but it's been really fun. so thanks for joining in with me. : )

  2. You are so sweet, you both! Love your retrospective!

  3. It ain't easy is it honey ;) Beautiful post, beautiful life, thank you for sharing.

    1. thanks for stopping, joy. it makes the hard stuff easier with a partner in crime, that's for sure.