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August 16, 2012

anniversary week // year five

this year has been incredibly full, with changes and plans and more changes. we have hit a new level of... well, awesome-ness. : )

If You Can Touch Her At All by Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson on Grooveshark

1. in our natural habitat, a book store.
2. opening for our dear friend CHRIS KOZA at the anna lee.
3. our first show as the sparrow and the sky at the high noon.
4. from melissa's wedding.
5. from peter's wedding.
6. being goofballs.
7. singing and being all serious.
8. we got a real kick out of carson's head looking like a smiley face in his shadow.
9. the buffy tribute show.
10. my birthday party.
12. you get it, we like to sing together.

song: good ole willie singing "if you can touch her at all". one of our favorites to sing together.

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