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July 12, 2012

to jumping in

monday's photo day was a complete blast and an incredible learning opportunity for me.

those girls jumped right in. we spent the day wandering around the city, shooting things we found interesting and taking individual portraits of each of the participants. i wish i could share them with you, but we have to keep things confidential.

those girls had such confidence, dressing up in tutus, climbing up trees and jumping on train tracks. very inspiring.

the last image is of me, taken by one of the girls.

this was one of my most powerful experiences i've had yet as a photographer - it's really good to remember how vulnerable it can be on that other end of the lens, it's probably why some of us are drawn to being behind the camera to begin with.

i don't know how i thought to hand over the camera to her, but it worked magically. she was able to tell me what to do and how to capture the image she wanted of herself. once she was happy with this shot, she handed me the camera and we were able to create a whole series of images that i consider some of my favorite portraits i've ever created together with someone.

in other news, we're on a day break from our tour so carson and i spending the day doing not much of anything. that's not really news, i suppose, more of an fyi.

to jumping in, learning and relaxing.

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