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October 27, 2011

[a look inside] where you lay your head

i'm sure you've spent an afternoon, or many, wandering through the homes on the photography site, the selby. i love this sort of photo story telling - to see creative people in their homes and studios is an adventure to say the least.
so, being selby inspired, i spent some time last weekend snapping photos of my own home, the anna lee. we'll call this part one, since this is all about the outside grounds of my home.

my home, the anna lee, has evolved into something truly remarkable.
we currently hold house concerts and art events in our living rooms. (next month the whole house will shut down for a documentary and art exhibit, more on that soon)

i am honored to call this place home and the people that live there with me, family.
to read more about the anna lee and projects we have going on you can visit the links below.
we'd love to have you.

> our site
>> more photos: photos on facebook

happy inside look thursday,

ps oh and if anyone would like to book me for a photo session of their home or studio,
i'd love that. that'd be a blast.


  1. what a gorgeous place to live in. i will check the link to get to know more about the anna lees and your projects. suddenly i am feeling like a super boring person myself :D
    i am also looking forward to see the next chapter of your photo story!

  2. oh, mmh. somehow the link to ur site didn't work :(

  3. thank you for letting me know! try it now... : )

  4. it's working! :)
    loved the cover version of the weight in ur living room. looks like so much fun!!!

  5. Love seeing others' homes and studios. I bet that bicycle looks pretty special at night.

  6. ovaye - it is pretty magical : ) thanks for looking.

  7. i love that second image of the flowers floating in the water..beautiful reflection too!