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October 06, 2011

bumps in the road

yesterday carson called asking me to come over and help him with a video project. this came as quite a surprise because we had just finished taping a rather important project the previous day.

i grabbed my camera and walked on over. carson was extremely excited and just said "start the camera and let me handle the rest."

what came out of it was this video. i was bawling as soon as i saw the names of dan and chelsea, two of carson's best friends from montana whom we haven't seen in quite some time, not to mention their new baby daughter.

i forget how much i/we have. this summer has been such a transitional period, both of us decided it was time to take our dreams a little more seriously and we decided it was time to start saying goodbye to jobs we both loved. emotional roller coaster doesn't even begin to cover it... then he goes and makes something like this.

carson had recorded "murder in the city" (one of our favorite avett brothers tunes) a while ago and i always forget how much i love his version. we made this video in one take.

if you'd like to follow our musical adventures, check out our little blog.

i hope you are in love with your own life, or fall back in with it soon.


  1. darn, don't have the bandwidth for this. is everything alright?

  2. Ah! Can you view it at youtube?

    Yes, all is well. : ) Thank you, Monica.