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September 28, 2011

perfect weekend: start with a croissant and end with pink floyd

i think my weekend after glow is just starting to fade. i get to hold on to mine a little longer since carson's only day off is tuesday, so that sort of becomes our day to spend "weekending" together.

i don't know why i don't get to the farmers market more often, but now i've gone two weekends in a row and i'm hooked. i'm planning on going again saturday to get some herbs for the kitchen.

ellyn and i stumbled upon some amazing food, music and jewelery by a local girl named angela. she owns a beautiful business called "pangea handmade".  her work is vintage inspired and her color scheme is to die for. (and i never say that). just look at those rings. once i have some extra bones i'm going to pick up some earrings from her. oh and if that wasn't enough, her blog is incredibly lovely as well.

saturday night was spent dancing at a house party equipped with laser lights, tv's playing throughout the house (total recall and the royal wedding were in two different bathrooms) and free gift bags. i'm going to go bask in the glow a little bit longer. i hope your weekend bliss is still finding you - or maybe you're starting next weekend already?

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