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June 16, 2011

[beginnings] the sparrow and the sky

carson and i have been singing together for quite some time, but it was late last winter i finally felt brave enough to perform with him in front of people. flash forward to early this year and we've recorded some rough demos, put up a myspace and even a facebook page. (i know, we're really up on things) the above images are from some of our recording sessions.

so, for your pleasure or just to humor me, some links:
>> myspace
>> facebook
>> website

we're currently getting gigs in the madison area and working on new songs. (!)


  1. you two sound so so so great together!!! would love to hear you live. you are so brave too...i know how hard it is to get up in front of a crowd. i have recorded songs myself, but they're just for the huz and myself...i just can't get over that stage fright!

    AND i love your blog!

    AND my husband lived in Madison way back in '98 or '99...i hear great things about that town.

  2. Ah! I'm so excited to listen to these! My poor heart just flies right out of my body when I think about microphones, jam sessions and gigs.


  3. thank you both!
    you both are welcome to madison anytime to stay with us and make music with us. : )
    or we could come to you and play too!