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May 02, 2011

april, you've been good to me

i was looking through april's photos over the weekend and i was just baffled by everything that happened this month.
+ first solo art gallery
+ first sparrow and the sky performance (i sang in front of people, what!?)
+ my first tattoo (from my brother!)
+ live music (trampled by turtles in milwaukee!)
+ playing music
+ recording music
+ lots of good family time
+ lots of good friend time
+ lots of good food
+ lots of cupcakes and sweet potato fries
+ the first bike rides of the year!
+ finding a beautiful apartment to live in
i am blessed, truly. let's hope may continues in this fashion, huh?


  1. sounds like so many good things are happening for you! here's hoping that they continue.

  2. You have had a landmark month! Congratulations on your solo art gallery, your tattoo (I'm about to get my first) and singing in public! Those are all big things, in themselves, let alone all at once. I hope you'll post some sound files so we can hear your music, I would love that.

  3. claire - can't wait to see your tattoo. [i'm sure you'll pick out some beautiful words]
    i'm working on the sharing music part - you'll be first to know when the songs are ready!