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April 25, 2013

you're the only thing in your way

i try not to be a complainer. i try to see the positive in most situations. this week, THIS WEEK, tested me.

my car, broken into.
the hood of said car, won't latch.
two debit cards and a new bank account later i'm finally able to pay bills again. (yea identity theft!)
all with carson being out of town.

makes a gal want to say screw you world. especially after the events in boston last week.

but then i made my list of positives, just for old time sake. my hand started hurting from writing too much, filling up the page with people and memories and beer and music (this week i saw them and them and saturday we're going to see these guys) and knowing carson will walk in the door at any moment...

i'm sorry, what was this post about again?

[top photo: new york, bottom photo: last summer]

1 comment:

  1. aw, suck. i'm sorry to hear about your car and the theft. thanks for spreading the love, tho, as always.....