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November 15, 2012

interview part 2 // noelle sharp of aporta

part two with miss sharp...

1. what gets you out of bed in the morning? what do you give thanks for at night? 

It's a mixture of inspiration and anxiety from all the things I WANT and NEED to make/do. Weather plays a huge part of my work and production. I love a dark stormy day and find myself being most productive in weather like that. There are so many things I want to make that its just natural for me to want to get started right away, so I am up early everyday.

At night I give thanks to the people who have supported me, it humbles me and really makes me stand back and recognize what has been given to me. I have a hard time understanding it sometimes, how supportive friends, family, even strangers have and continue to be. It's something I feel like I won't ever be able to pay back, that I will spend the rest of my life wanting to give back, which is a nice feeling actually. I also give thanks to the people who inspire me, without that inspiration I don't know what I would be doing right now.

2. who are your heros? who are your teachers?

  • Tilda Swinton: the characters she plays are challenging and risky. Her strength and overall demeanor is captivating.   
  • Elizabeth Bartch: I wouldn't be where I am today if she had not come into my life. She is an amazing artist, woman and dreamer (projectsalvage.com)
  • Joseph and Anni Albers: Amazing. Done and done.  
  • John Brumit and Sarah Wagner: they are the dream, they are the real deal. I recently visited them in Detroit where they live and came back a changed woman, they have inspired me beyond reason (dflux.org)
  • Christy Matson: insanely talented artist who weaves with conductive thread and hooks her weavings up to sound systems. She is a super woman.  (christymatson.com
  • Thoreau: he has helped me understand my interactions with the world around me and how I want to see myself evolve into something more. 
  • My family: I am continually learning from them and owe them so much. 
  • Taylor and Rachel: I have learned what the meaning of self-less and giving means because of these two. Constantly in awe.
  • Aljazeera: For giving me the facts and not determining what I can and not handle in the news.
  • Bill Maher: I know, I know. He hasn't had the best track record when it comes to women, BUT, but, I admire his brutal honesty and self awareness. He is someone who isn't afraid to challenge people and fight for what he believes in. And he makes me laugh. 
So many more, I'll save them for next time.

3. if your fingers weren't weaving/knitting, they'd be.... 

Oh my, building things with wood. Writing music. Cooking. Learning how to make better patterns for designs, taking classes from old ladies to become a better knitter/weaver. Taking business classes. Teaching people how to weave and knit. Planting a garden.

4.  what are your other favorite forms of creative expression?

I grew up surrounded by music, went to a choir school and my parents always had music playing so I feel driven to sing and or write my own songs from time to time. I paint when I have some free time. Honestly, just roaming around the mountains and the desert is like Christmas for me - that gets my creative process going more then anything.

5. in another life i'd be... 

Well I grew up skiing and did that for 3 years straight before moving to Chicago. I'd love to be an anthropologist, wood worker, computer programmer or a mountaineer. Anything outside. 

 6. when you're feeling un-inspired, un-motivated - where do you turn to? what picks you up?

Music. Movies. Friends. I have to talk that shit out or it just festers and I end up super depressed and lost. I have learned to be patient and treat myself kind when it happens, force myself to work through it and take breaks.  I just know it's a part of life.
7. what's next?

Sweaters and a new line under APORTA for babies called "Børn APORTA", which means "Baby" APORTA in Danish.  A lot of collaborations for 2013 will be happening, working again with fashion designer Jordan Jenner to create a collaborative line  of clothing for men and women. A large studio (which will develop  into a mill)  for weavers and knitters to come and produce APORTA will be happening in 2013. 

I am moving to Iceland in April to continue my conceptual practice and design 2013 sweaters for APORTA, I'll be back just in time for fall.  The biggest goal for APORTA for next year is working with local yarn suppliers and finding  skilled weavers/knitters/sewers to become apart of the APORTA mission/team.

Hopefully getting a great dane, been dreaming about that for a while.
thank you, noelle. such a pleasure. you are an inspiration.

thank you for reading. check APORTA out, won't you?
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*all photos are noelle's