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October 14, 2012

eye spy

i've started a self portrait challenge without even meaning to. plus this whole "finding a photo to match" is really fun.

self portraits are something i don't do a lot of. i like myself and all, but i'm drawn to the more abstract self portrait... more about the essence, the "idea of self".

i think it's because i'm such a contradiction. my element is water. i love the gray areas of life.

actually, i have no idea why.


p.s. i'm trying to wear more hats and it's really fun.
p.p.s. the second photo is from one of my favorite places in the world, the olbrich botanical gardens. it's a kaleidoscope of succulents. that's right, a kaleidoscope of succulents.


  1. Wow, cool pictures! And especially the portrait! The deep colour of your eye (it's almost turquoise, isn't it?) matches perfectly with the red of your hat! Cool!