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September 02, 2012

artist // jennifer davis

the details are fuzzy.

i'm not sure which coffee house i was at, but it was in minneapolis, years ago. it was freezing out and  i had a chai (or coffee) in my hand and i was looking at flyers for upcoming events while my friend got her latte. it was then i saw a few samples of jennifer davis's work.

i know i loved them, instantly, that part was crystal clear.

her paintings are windows into hidden worlds. but in those worlds, you know the people and creatures living in them, fondly and they invite you in for secrets and tea.

whenever i'm stuck creatively, i like to peek at her website. it always stirs up new ideas. she's good, real good. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this : I really enjoy it. I love to see other people's work I think is really inspiring! x

  2. i love her work. have one of her prints :)