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August 29, 2012

it's alive

seriously. this life of mine. i'm blessed.

not only do i get to make music everyday with a group of people i love as my own family, but booking for THE ANNA LEE has proven time and again to be the adventure i've always dreamed of. i've met musicians from all over the county, playing their songs in my old living room/bed room. it's wild.

oh and then there are my freaking talented friends playing shows around town all the time too.

blessed i tell you. please come to madison and play a show with me or sit around our fire pit with your instrument of choice. i mean it.

1-3: chicago sweethearts, ODD FOLK at the anna lee
4-6: world travelers, LOBO MARINO at the anna lee
7-9: on of my favorites, and not just because my guitar player and bass player also jam in this band, THE SIGOURNEY WEAVERS at the high noon
10-12: madison favorites, SEXY ESTER, who we shared our roof top gig with last friday at the overture center

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