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August 22, 2012

i almost forgot how to blog

what a whirlwind we've been living in.

august is one of my favorite months, sandwiched in between two of my favorite seasons, there's usually lots of changes and new beginnings.

early august took us back home to celebrate a dear friend's wedding and help my father move out of his home and out into the middle of nowhere. (i'm excited to camp out there)

last week was the anniversary week, so we spent it moving to our own place, carson starting a new job, throwing one last house concert at the anna lee and playing a show at a block party. (we are crazy)

summer never leaves quietly ---
i'm okay with that.


  1. I couldn't have found better words for August...just yesterday I wondered why this month is always so busy in terms of new things.

    And: Many congrats to your new place and the new job! All the best for you two!!! Hugs from Berlin :)

    PS: I love the second picture - what a wonderful atmosphere!

    1. cheers to your august too, friend!!

    2. Thank you! And see you on instagramm :-)