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July 19, 2012

to your place in the cloud

yesterday was day one of my newest project - fixing up an old, broken cello with kori.
i spent most of the first night cleaning it and removing old glue. it's pretty exciting, the cello is one of my favorite instruments and i've always wanted to learn how to repair instruments. ellie and kori can fix anything, so i know i'm in good hands.
'Cello Song by Nick Drake on Grooveshark

to top it all off it finally rained, not just little drops of water but a full on storm! the bike ride home was perfect, i love rain wet hair. plus the puddles! oh how i love puddles!


  1. Repairing an old cello? This is so cool! I'm playing cello myself and love those instruments so much. They have their own soul, I think.

    Would love to see more of this project - looking forward to your results!

    1. the cello rocks. seriously.

      i may come to you for your cello knowledge. i played the violin for a very long time when i was young and at the tail end became very interested in the cello.. i'm looking forward to learning a new instrument. : )

    2. Yes, of course, you can ask me any time - but I've also only just started a couple of month ago. But we can throw our knowledge together :)

      And as a violinist, the cello will feel very comfortable in your arms from the beginning, I'm sure :)