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July 24, 2012

shutting the city on down

the majestic theater kicked off their LIVE ON KING STREET summer concert series with one of my all time favorite bands, cloud cult. i couldn't have been happier. a cool band from new york, ms mr, opened the show.

i had 9 friends with me who had never really listened or seen cloud cult, so it's quite the moment when the music begins and the crowd gets quiet - their music and energy is extremely powerful, it always hits people different ways. i've seen people cry, dance like no one is watchin' and put their arms around complete strangers.

miss odette pulled me into a big hug and said,
"thank you for sharing this moment with me."
cloud cult makes people talk like that, they are that good.

i always grab one or two shots right away, no matter what the outcome is and then i just put my camera away. i truly believe being a good photographer also includes knowing when to put the camera down and when cloud cult performs, i just have to be there with them.

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