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June 13, 2012

buffy, pink hair, paisley on paisley

did i tell you my band played a tribute show to buffy the vampire slayer last friday? well we did. with some other rocking bands - we covered songs from the musical episode "once more with feeling".

i must admit, i am not a buffy fan. it's not that i'm not, i just never got into it. (i am however, a huge joss whedon fan) but there are people, lots of them, who ARE into buffy. i mean, really into buffy. they knew every word to every song - they dressed up as the characters from head to toe - one girl even had the words "once more with feeling" tattooed on her back!

carson and i love having a reason to dress up in our thrifted treasures, but these outfits weren't too out of the ordinary for us. (90's vampire works for me) it was really fun being demons and vampires with jordan and betsy on a night other than halloween.

now, without further ado, here is part 1 of our buffy series:

(photos by me, unless they are of me, those are by carson) 
more wacky awesomeness to come.

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