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October 16, 2011

process of progress

today, i am grateful:
for song.
for "the process".
for baby steps.
for a partner in creative crime.

i was talking to ellyn this morning about enjoying the process as much as the end product. we have a friend going on a trip next week and she has a very calculated and planned schedule, every minute accounted for. she likes traveling that way.

i'm finding i'm more the other way. yes, i like a plan and a good list is gold to me - but to just be able to take off and wander - priceless, right?

are you outcome motivated? or is the journey reward enough?

i also can't stand an unfinished project, which i seem to have a pile a mile high of..
we're complicated beasts aren't we?

to the journey and to the outcome, whatever they both may be,

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