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August 18, 2011

[film review] the exploding girl

have you seen the exploding girl yet? i completely fell in love with zoe kazan's character,
ivy. she is quietly strong and patient. in moments when you feel she could or even should
completely break down, she doesn't. while the action isn't fast paced, the emotions and
"realness" (although i hate to use that term) are.

kazan quietly demands you to pay attention to her every detail, whether she's experiencing
a seizure (ivy has epilepsy) or the way she holds a cup.

there is a scene where ivy is trying to reach her boyfriend by cell phone and he's not
answering - she's alone in her room while her mother is out and she could be at a party.
in our world where we constantly seem to know what others are up to, it makes it even more
painful to see her go through what we all have at one point.

as much as i fell in love with the film, i really loved the ending. you feel satisfied but
unresolved, all in one existential sigh. it's truly lovely.

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